2016February this year

DENHAM products in stock!










TMT products in large quantities in stock!!

On Saturday afternoon, we assume what ~ ♪

Tomakomai DESIGN design plus Giftshop!!

Today will be a men's product up-do!

Items of TMT in large quantities in stock! ~!

TMT! ~!!Too cool!

Check it out it is because we have restocked the items and was last sold out.!!

TMT this season's theme is...

Cuba in Latin America located in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean Republic.
The lifestyle of the people of the neighboring countries inspired by the
A "resort", "work", "military", "sport" keyword
Expand the item was reproduced in the TMT's own perspective.

Items of TMT in spring and summer, we had to demonstrate the real value!

Just look at the pictures!

Feeling kinda crazy, store manager at Tanaka in the ww I ww

All the best and took photos while enjoying the comfort and attention to detail, silhouette, try wearing!!

Only items with no doubt!

To see the real thing in the shop first look!

Our reservation staff sincerely welcome your will-be ヽ(´▽`)/

Pistoleros period limitation is!!

Today is Valentine's day.!!

Women!Yet you if chocolate in addition to gifts and would be!

Menzo SSM boots are limited in stock now!

1993PISTOLERO was established in(Pistoleros) Become a brand!

"Authentic Boots brand, using genuine leather outsole far behind from the design of the boots.
Mexico Mecca of cowboy boots and country of origin, and is known as a profound and complex
Using rugged, lovely "goodyerwelt process".

Inside upper and outsole as well as boots and leather design.
Achieve a very high quality finish detail around the attention of producers. 』

And the lineup is amazing!Most newspapers.!(́Д ')

From morning rain is unfortunately sky....

Our reservation staff sincerely welcome your will-be!

Leather Festival held in!!

In the new DESIGN 題shimashi leather Festival,

It is in the exhibition and sale of leather!!

"Harlemrounge harem lounge" from domestic brands attracted about 20 types of leather!ヽ(´▽`)/

Get rid of difficulty but casual and basic, interspersed with different tastes, such as rock, ethnic,

Contemporary street style with domestic popular brand!

Especially popular leather brand, so is not to be missed!

Our reservation staff sincerely are looking forward!

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This time, the website opened!
The announcements news and campaign information, such as on this page.
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