2017August this year

SCOCTH&SODA(Scotch & soda)

From Netherlands Amsterdam, Scotch & soda autumn winter collection is in stock!

Recommended here!

Feel the sea surftayst a shirt type jacket.

Perfect fit Chino pants denim.

If I dressed it dry and cool!
You can use it as her!

BLAUW (collection) item so with Jean brooch.

Birvin Uniform (barbinuni form)

Brand new!

Birvin Uniform (barbinuni form)

The concept of the brand image of a life of a man living on the beach.

Playful and mixes them, though
Brand style comfort and centered on the surftayst it is!

Made in Japan.
Nice and soft materials and sew together the native handle of the original one.

Also can wear a long season points.

Loofah collar Cardigan Navy and black colors ¥ 19800 tax

2 colors black and White Hooded type ¥ 19800 tax

Mokomokohuwahuwa is comfortable to wear!
Be healed!(́ω ' *)


New Denham ladies!

Introduce the second arrived denim(^^)/

Came in this silhouette in this shop is for the first time ☆

Skinny denim pants stretch mixed representation, used like a fading like the favorite for many years.

Compact and design around the waist and hips, narrow towards the tail and legs, is create a feminine silhouette.

Hosomi art siletskiney! From now on the season of the boots.


The new autumn/winter collection of Denham denim is in stock now!


Jeans arrived today, two in one book (the boy friend type) introduction.(/And ω,)/

Coloring in medium wash,
Are the colors to match any outfit, all-season use(^^)/


Avirexl limited edition jacket is in stock now!
Speaking of military AVIREX!


USAF 70th anniversary took on both sleeves with patch 1 th-colored patch of the 7th air force in turn.
With graphic on the front, back, sleeves and all the parts are
Points with same color and body, refreshing and memorable.

DENHAM (male)


The new autumn/winter collection is in stock today!

From autumn this 1 if! The Ma-1 jacket is!

Color is black and khaki colors!

It's Nylon with a special cotton wax-impregnated material is not waterproof!