2017November this year

SCOTCH & SODA (Ladies)

Getting colder, outer season!

Among the store's clothing today pick up the outer Scotch & soda!

Verdet padded jackets.
Reversible design in the back designed sleeve into line.

Colors of Khaki, Navy's (and the Navy will turn black.)

Light wear is an attractive, easy-to-use items.

By bottoms and shoes
Is a sporty enjoyed dress-down casual outerwear!

Disruption to finish of the Outer Insulation excellent and clear impression.

Have confidence in an assortment of outerwear!
Please come and see us once.(^ o ^)

price ¥ 31500 tax

WOOLRICH(Men's & women's)

Today few introduce recommended brand in the outer.


Woolrich/Arctic parka

WOOLRICH, the outdoor brand in the United States for more than 180 years of history.
Promoted the name as a most reliable company starts hunting jackets and blankets from the production of production from raw material (wool).

1972For cold work, wear as developed "Arctic parka" is at the time Italy prestigious football team A... C Milan a bench warmer, and quickly became a hit products.

Arctic parka is now lasts 30 years from birth as an icon of the Woolrich loved all over the world.

DENHAM (women's)

Received from Denham
A special court here.


Plenty of BOA, located behind.
Perfect for the cold weather and it looks gorgeous!

Wire in the hood, adjustable person bore portion.

Wool made in Italy
Design a Twill material mix.

Contains the Denham's sizing mark on the back hem.?

Item comes in its own way just to put normal jeans whilst(^ O ^)

There is of course a denim! ~(^^)/