2017December this year

SCOTCH & SODA (women's)

It lasted for a cold day here because the outer!

Netherlands Amsterdam, SCOTCH & SODA (Scotch & soda)

Colors are pale blue, Khaki color!

Ass is exactly what hidden place length down jacket.

Because inside the seam down the outer flat silhouette.

Wear this pretty warm, so cold that is ideal for outerwear(^^)!!

MUSHER hooded riders JKT

This is the introduction of leather JKT!

I'd never heard our brand...
Becomes a brand called "MUSHER Marcia' Italy!

First, I brands description please.

The brand launched in the year 2000 by Mario Cosser. Mario Cosser himself since 1990 has piled up a career as a designer, was expanding its business centered on the production of fur and leather goods. More in such as filled with hand-made leather manufacturing technology to convey the appeal of leather brand was born Marcia-(MUSHER) is.
In leather processing, is known to need technical expertise than you think, but Masha-(MUSHER) are carefully selected craftsmen of Italy, and is obsessed with hand-made production. Has succeeded in originality cannot be in the machine, thereby cutting their coloring. It is a brand and keep the high quality of course has many followers.

By using high-quality leather, provides distinctive texture and lightness.
It should be amazing!

You can get the feeling that slowly adapts itself to the body, to fit the body. Here is also a happy point of leather!

The type of wool. Warm leather it is best you!

Here is the table away from it! Here is a fine wool(^^)/

Please consider it as a lifetime of expensive, but(^^)/

Please check at the store!

price... ¥ 102.000 tax(Wool Combi)¥ 115.000 tax(Allisa)


Today is the introduction of denim!


Looks good well ~!

Is saying, why not pull out the nature back shots as well!

Damage and paint the contrast and balance is GOOD!

Thanks for the processing behind the knees.(That's why it's)

V6 also begins to dance I MADE IN JAPAN

In this process!

Gold original ZIP is also nice!

Is Brad Paisley Jacquard Weave lining pockets!

Atmosphere outstanding TMT denim. Please see us at the shop!

price... ¥ 28,000 tax

Clarks (Clarks)Desert boots




"Clarks (Clarks)Desert boots "

1950's whopping sales has started!
At that time "sell such quirky shoes and no filter! "And internal criticism was so strong that soothing comfort is called reputation, contrary to expectations, and recorded a big hit
Boasts 20 million feet more than the total sales worldwide now, because it is a surprise!

Shots from the side too look good ~!

Look a rich suede upper is part of the charm of the desert boots. It deepens the flavor was brushed, winter seems to habitually so nice!

70It is amazing even years is virtually unchanged.

Desert boots for big strong point is the simple design was completed. You can wear without having to worry about change of the trend therefore. To say and will fit any taste outfit from pear. Will become a partner in every day!

Please check in store(^^)/

price... ¥ 23,000 tax


This is an introduction from REMI RELIEF!
Jacket hood based upon N-3B.
Made update to servicemen in the modern interpretation, such as color scheme represented by REMI RELIEF in its own way, was affecting the color or silhouette, detail is astonishing!

What table in expressing a sense of realistic used like wore years with 100% nylon fabric. To enable process atmosphere usually nylon material that is tricky, but it is Remi relief!

Long time by combining hydrogen, while as much as possible without damaging the fibers, also promotes fading of colors.

Atmosphere was discolored, and pursue real change is quite often lacking in texture!

One expressed in new clothing, it is!

Please see the real thing please! Should be amazed at the greatness(^^)/

Waiting for your visit you will to be.

price... ¥ 59,800 tax

Abercrombie & Fitch down coat

From Abercrombie & Fitch down 600 file power down using your referral!
600And the firepower or what? What is a
30State swell g down to 650 cubic inch volume says.
Honestly so in other words w is spreading down to numbers in
Firepower = 600-700 is as high-quality down!

(Incidentally FYI Canada goose 625 firepower, Woolrich is 650.)

Where the atmosphere is classic and I feel the taste of the outdoors ~ ☆

Swell comes down to feel great!

Contains the tag into the left pocket!

Button can classic's ~

600Firepower! Please remember you guys w

It is manufactured by TALON ZIP!

Colors Navy, black

price... ¥ 42,000 tax

Waiting for your visit you will-be ☆ ☆