2016December 30th. : First sale-SALE & bags Guide ★

Use our DESIGN this year, thank you!

We come from plenty of shops around, thanks and I'm happy as long as it is.
Thank you because committed staff welcome guests again next year.

★ year-end/new year holiday operating schedule ★.

12/29 Normal operating
12/30 18When closing
12/31 Holidays
1/1 Holidays
1/ 2 Holidays
1/3 First sale bags & SALE (Normal operating)

And the 1/3 bag sale?(AM10: start)
So this year is really less quantity?

?First saleSALEAlso held at the same time???

Outerwear, knits, denim, now available
Brand items up to 20% off?

(SALE for brand:Abercrombie & Fitch/Johnbull/DENHAM/G-STAR RAW/SCOTCH & SODA/ANTGAUGE/andmore.!)

Come and take this opportunity to come available.(?????)♪
Next year the staff awaits you(^^)

* New stock sale this month excluded, exclude certain brands of

2016December 12. : DENHAM 17ss precollection


Around winter outerwear knit boots in the shop, it's denim brand in the Netherlands attention

2017 DENHAM [Denham: spring/summer (SS)Start a collection!

New denim, for in stock!

Introducing the men's today!

Silhouette is a classic slim fit jeans RAZOR (razor) of all types, Denham!

Careful cutting and perfect balance silhouette is Denham's 5 Pocket denim's signature model.
Shaped in the stitching on the back pocket, Sizer logo?The printed with scissor Pocket bag piece with back York!


Formulated with polyurethane material, do not lose their shape while stretching a comfortable braking comfort characteristics of the Denham denim.
Taste colors of color adjustment and tops in medium wash, can be used all year round.


Denim fabric is adopted a 12.5-ounce denim's Italy monferrata, is tailored to vasinindigodenim no wash.

❑ This product with a "refresh bottle (spray) in the original Denham purchase!


And coordinates the greadenim color of the ease of use excellent! It is useful to ordinary non-denim with a gray!
Vintage the color black denim wear three years which has gained popularity as the past few years classic denim is denim fabric.

RAZOR FBL (Forever Black)

The model was named Forever Black and can keep the black, brand new washed many times.

Is this popularity in DEHAM stores and Barneys New York.

Denim fabric FOREVER BLACK Onyx black day was adopted, in the back pocket in white sizing logo, Pocket bag piece with back York has printed the Scissor. Is denim brand of soul and personality are reflected everywhere.

Also available in standard,

Double riders based upon cotton JKT

T-shirt seamless thread without the use of a lighter,

Features a clean silhouette ocx Ford shirts

Scissor print of a denim tote bag the first point DENHAM in stock!

Because most cannot be restocked items such as size contact us freely!

2016One day in October. : [Lady's pickupitem]
[Lady's pickupitem]

Introduce our recommended products.
This week is the ladies '?

Fashionable feet! It is often referred to as the
Especially summer-fall seasons change the shoes completely and fall/winter mode.

That said,

TodayOur special introduction short Boots brand 3 feet!

[FABIO RUSCONI(Fabio Rusconi)]

Italy Florence location
Shoes brand has the commitment to expand the collection for young women, women of action, a sophisticated woman, only importing a feminine cut, material and color.

STORY, VERY, domani, widely published in fashion magazines!

Main department stores and retail stores only handle so low in the province handling brand.

Fabio shoes feature

AndTo?GoSystemLeD! But


Nice form especially side nice and ravished the...

Just wearLegs are beautiful to seeAnd,
Just wear a refined atmosphere.

The CoCo in the selection of shoes point ★ important it

  "Easy to wear! 」

Because it is made with the same high-quality brand shoes factory
Build is very good and is easy to put on!

The Couleur arrived in our shop
And V lines are 1 foot and others said Gore and exposure ★

="" />

Because a thicker heelIt puts on for a long time, its stability and you won't feel tired.

Black,Heel is bi-coloured.A point!

Brown,In a Suede texture and color is so cuteThe point is ★

Another pair are the Orthodox is the Middle boot ★

Slightly longer to properly produce a sense of ankle-length.

In addition toStuck with the clean lines of the foot 1 footIt is!

Is that it habitually boots fashion simple and with a strong presence.

In none too good, staff trying to GET all serious, I|Д °)

Anyway it is recommended!

I think if you wear you can be?!
Please please please come to feel free to wear!

So not all sizes but almost one leg at a time ~!

2016年9月6日 : M collection start!!
M fall collection we start(^^)/

That fits the Japanese sensation "American style"

Recall to mind basic happy clothes = M.

Offer other stakeholders beyond the various generation and culture.(^^)/

Decorated "M" logo on the back of the hat, "M" is fine, but(^^)/

The original pattern ombre check shirt(^^)

Pull the dough to put brushed on both sides, CTR of, representing the secular('Omega')Bruno

Presence has become a point of fashion, studded belts and want to coordinate.(^^♪

New from time to time we will stock(^^♪

Please check it out(*'▽')

2016September 4th. : G-star fall large amount in stock part 2!
G-star part 2!
We have in stock(^^)/

Keep the product in the most pure form, while at the same time in all styles and trends, and all ages accepted, such as g-star has expanded the concept was more than newly edgy image to(^^♪

Featuring only steer through uneasy this winter during a smart, slim silhouette, high-detail(*'▽')
Can withstand years of use also firmly needlework(^_-)-☆

Draped texture with metal hardware and leather-like accents a characteristic(^^♪

G-star's quality and designs in the fashionable autumn-winter collection(*'▽')
Come check out(^^♪