GW event announcements!

こんばんは(^ ^)

Announcements of events from the design plus

That GW by tomorrow...

Special events!

[And.Chi®!(Plastic model) × Cafe la Esperansa × DESIGN ]

Kid-friendly planning is here!

Design Plus,

Oh, the

"Until chops 'Fast approaching! Lol

Date: 13: 5/3 (Tuesday)-14:

Photo shoot, or yet so you can play around with chops and ~ ♪

& Adult programs.

Cafe la Esperansa(Café Esperanza) and IThe opening!
(On the same day 5/3 10 am-5 pm)

Coffee freebiesAnd (in the children's juice served), muffins and sweet sales, and so forth.

With appreciation, I think while drinking coffee holiday fun design spending in the hope of??

Please please please come to feel ~ ^ – ^

Recommended mother's day products

Recent dive.WarmIt has been!

I just have been waiting for,Golden WeekIt is!
And this year's母の日TheGolden WeekAfter the location of5/8(^ ^ ♪

Daily hahaHard 労uGratitudeWith the celebration母の日That is because the different dates by year
"When you did this year?」「What to give?"And I'm thinking of was too much for mother's day.
Would as many people say?(; ・`д・´)

"This is what I」「You want to prepare ahead of time"Say to those who母の日The show featured products(´▽`*)

To the right of a beautifulColorIn decorating the neck,Scarf(^ ^ ♪
母の日Of the presentStallWill be very popular and great for giftsアイテムIt is!

ClassyHigh-qualityA sheer material is made, womenGlamorous impressionIt brings(^ ^ ♪
Usual road outfitAccentSince theGiftsOn it is perfect!

USED productsCoach buckThat put it in the bag, goSecond backTo recommend(^^)/
And guests,SceneBag can be used anywhere!

A simpleDesignIs so you can love long fashionable no matter母の日It'sGiftsAlso it is recommended(´▽`*)

Feet are encased and gentlyFitThe most popular socksrasox!
For the lifestyleExtra legroomThe important thing is(^^)/

Without being tied to trends and styles, soGiftsOn it is perfect!
Cover socks脱gezu, probablyPerfect for the coming season.

Right or wrong母の日It'sGiftsIn the?(´▽`*)
Await your visit!


BJ CLASSIC eyewear Collection done in the design plus


Actor, model it, brought together so many famous people who are!

Koizumi Kyoko-San.

Even women who are beloved by many!

Both men and women, and is supported by a wide range of more ^ – ^!!

Event announcements

BJ CLASSIC eyewear Collection in DESIGN

Date: Apr 23.24 and 25
Location: DESIGN design

"DESIGN x OptiQue hidaka collaboration event. "

Now featured domestic eyewear brands.
"BJ CLASSIC (beajakerassick), design plus in stock!

Classic BJ-popular modelsAt first,New work will be launched in the summer samplesSuch as,
Over 50 kinds of glasses3 days onlyIn line and design plus OTC. ~!

BJ CLASSIC retailers, Tomakomai glasses shop
"Optikhidaka" and the joint event!
Please take this opportunity to enjoy glasses and clothes!
(^ o ^)/

* Event on the day that frames can be purchased on the spot!
(Some summer new unreleased models for the book to be. )

* Lens that will check your frequency optic Hidaka-San is available for purchase, including.
(Lens will be provided in the design plus buyer special price. )

Optikhidaka HP


And BJ CLASSIC (classic beejay)

BJ classic craftsman makes by hand one is sticking to the celluloid frames and fine detail eyewear.

And reviving vintage model design that inherited the craftsmanship, captures the hearts of people today.

Recently, was featured in many magazines, often used in movies and dramas.



Really in drama, magazines featured brand of the much sought after!
Many celebrities who is supported by a wide range of people, both inside and outside Japan!

Events of this great brand, is an honor!

Please please please come to NE-!
We are waiting to (^ o ^)/

BIRKENSTOCK exhibition, an exhibition of SPRING COLLECTION 2016

All Conta I ヽ(・ ∀ ・)Bruno

BIRKENSTOCK tradeshows and conferencesSPRING COLLECTION 2016The announcement ★

Recently I finallySpringIt has been a(^^)/
This season's greetingsEssentialsSpeaking of which...Birkenstock!
For a limited timeVarious types of stockWe ヽ(*´∀`)Bruno

Last yearBirkenstockThe popular sandals(^^)/
That sold out last year, and didn't want to get at all!
Before the production of seasonToPlease getBrighten up ★

Based on human engineeringCommitted to making shoes
Hope all people's health across age, gender, race or border
Suitable for many people in person and catch-phraseComfortableEasy to walkBrand continued to study every day for making shoes,(^^)

Type of firmFitIs made to(^^)/
Before wearingBecome familiar with the type of the userAs we are getting!

AttentionFootbedTheCorkAndLaTeXIn the HutchinsonDurabilityAndSafetyComfortFor I have kept the balance.
FootbedOpen toe toes and use cutting move freely,Functionality is very good!
ColorToo rich, so cute(^_-)-
This summerBirkenstockComfortableIdealAnd enjoy the walk!

4/10-Exhibition 4 / 20We are!


ChillyけどWarmIs perfect for this season have been of the bestSpring CourtMen's, women's and many stocks.

Popular jumbleShop coatTrench coatMods coatJacketAnd getting things right for the coming season!

Of this year's flow 行iTeron ChiAnd the spring summer EssentialsG JeanIs especially recommended(^^)/

そしてAMBIt'sMost popular sneakersIs re-stockced now ★
Outstanding comfortAMB sneakersAnd obsessed with simplicityDiverse stylingTo support a range ofAll-around shoes!

是非この機会にTo visit, please come!
All of the staffAwait your visit(^^)/

4From July 23!

Good evening!!

Are planned this spring a new event(≧∇≦)/

Tomakomai glasses shop, "optikhidaka" and do a collaboration event!

Now BJ CLASSIC domestic eyewear brands featured items this month 23-25
3On the day the stock design plus‼

For more information also will be Up soon, so stay tuned ~ (^ o ^)/

DESIGN reunion announcement

Our evening!!

It has become much warmer-!!

4I want more and more spring is in March ヽ(´▽`)/

Park entrance, joining, moved, etc Welcome Party April is a busy time and the people how are you spending?!

Well, beforehand by staff and guests, welcome to go drinking YO!I invite you there regardless of the

Not quite something I was feeling frustrated, but

Go ahead then I will put it at the reunion?!と。

Let's have more opportunity to mingle with in shops other than not?!!

So, I will announce!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ DESIGN reunion ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

♦ Saturday on 4/23 PM 19:00-21:00

♦ place Bowl well, I(DESIGN your next shop!It is yummy!)

♦ fee / person 3,500 yen (All you can drink banquet course menus)

♦ capacity: 30 persons(Variation and)

So far, planning some lies, quite like what will?

★ Baseball fist meeting with President Yoshikawa and Kato Manager
★ Yoshikawa President and again by Kato Manager manzai NetA wedding
★ Shoemaker staff Fujisawa's own bodybuilding Championships
★ by staff Tanaka Dazai Osamu complete readings

All project content and are undecided, but

It seems no excitement ~!

Oh, it in well, seriously, I will be only men's Fellowship!

Women's your place so far are making the planning lot, so please wait a little longer!!

DESIGN reunion date is 4/23!! 

Thank you thank you! 

Participants is the presence or absence of bleeding, but to store paper offers as your paper please fill out the even LINE your answer awaits!

We searched the LINE ID, please contact us and very much.!

Kato Manager LINE ID → mal-go

Tanaka LINE ID → majigerix

That's all!

Now already are looking forward to!(´▽`)/

Please come join us!

Ladies OSS me items

From ANTGAUGEDenim to trench coatWe introduce(^ O ^)/

Perfect for springIt'sDenim to wrench!

Wide silhouette with feminine collar designAnd,Sleeve width of thickButPoint!!
さらに、Longer-length ofAnd,A very feminine shoulders fell a little bitThe jerkCreate a stylish atmosphereUs(^ ^ ♪

Of rayon mixedDenim materialで、Teronci of kuttari and the textureThat is, theGlossBecause it is veryClassy one piece
とてもSoft anyway good comfortSoWith light wear.Offers used and(^^)/
Detachable waist beltIt is!

SkinnyThat, of course,Bottom of the wide seriesTogether with theNice dress this season seems to be rich!
Stop buttons and a belt,Checkered dress style.Also enjoy(*´▽`*)
In additionAttractive clean silhouette is behind the doctor.

Denim to wrenchRingtone turning outfit!

今回は、Ant Gage denim to trench coatTheWhite GauchoAndTulle skirtCoordinationThen I tried!
This year's fashionStripe shirtAndWhite GauchoFitPermeates an elegant appearance(^_-)-
Basket back in MunichHairPlus,Reminiscent of spring and summer cool fancy impression.

そしてJohn Bull logo T shirtAndTulle skirtで、Elegant and casual(^^)
KhakiAndDenimTheSoy sauce is!
Which Cole would spring outing I want it!

ThisDenim to wrenchJust to put theIn stylish times UP!
Try wearing come once theWhat would you like?

Visit us and look forward to!

Women favor yerse new stock!


Tomakomai DESIGN (^^)/

Today it is ladies!

Spain designed urban spice mix as good as relaxed and chic fashion brand
Yerse(Vase)The spring/summer collection is in stock now!

Classy one piece soft have flared, and simple design
Great with jeans or a skirt with high-impact border jacket(^ ^ ♪

And atmosphere-packed spring Cardigan, clad in smooth and silky fabric feels so good
Have duplicated the one piece and very gracefully, like spring determined.

Paisley pattern with a simple logo t-shirt very cute ☆ ★
Sleeves are French, so spring and summer cool about giving the impression.

Hat is very important for spring and summer, definitely will be up always coordinated very vase design!

Items are simple, yet nonchalant fashion, you can use it habitually.

Is 悩nnja the only item which can be used in.(*´▽`*)

Come and try is new look of the vase?('Omega')Bruno

Await your visit, ♪ ♪