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本日CLASSYBAILAVERYに掲載されていました、「Happiness 10」ロゴTシャツが入荷致しました!!!





ファッション雑誌SNSでも取り上げられている、「Happiness 10」(^^)/




Raising chicks. Charming lace-up shoes?


をテーマにしている【mio notis】。







Cute adult overalls!

Mid May, considerably.WarmIt has been a('Omega')Bruno
ShopThings are more and more in stock!

Anyways, now a highly recommended is the overalls(*’▽’)
Drama "My mobo can't get married, I'm not"In theMiki NakataniWho wore thatBuzz overalls!

実はJohn BullIt'sOverallsWhat is the(^ O ^)/

But I think you have an early image, etc.Adults are wearing, very pretty

Towards theRecommended rompersWould like to introduce(^_-)-

Johnbull 'Leightons NEP denim overalls

John BullClassic rompersOf the new(^^)/
Indigo DenimWork ofTo finish, not volumeClutter-freeAnd you can wear!

OverallsThe young and John Bull is often unhygienic and streamlined chairs with a slender silhouetteDetermined adult cuteFinish(*’▽’)

Using the Leightons denim cotton material is verySoft comfortAnd do not feel weight when worn!

Decorated with distressedExquisite colorPortrait the breastplateThe vintage ambianceRetro buttonsThe narrow shoulder strapsLength adjustableWe become('Omega')Bruno

Roll up the hem is too cute,CasualA dress and a cuteFeminineA dress, it'sExtensive styling.I can(^ ^ ♪


This perfect for the summerPet white solo(*’▽’)

Published in the magazineAnd,Just a casual overallsWas introduced as('Omega')Bruno

SomewhatLoose silhouettesThe line of the leg comes out cleanly dropped slightly below the waist3D fitting type(^_-)-

A bit thick in texture,Stretch denimAlso elastic, and useComfort is very goodIt is(^ ^ ♪

Large chest pocketVintage tasteAccented(^^)/
In the Suspender-style strapAlso available regardless of height, body fit!

Drama "My mobo can't get married, I'm not"NowPet white soloToWhite ParkerAnd wearing a suit, so cute(*’▽’)

In addition toMarine styleAnd,CasualA dress, it'sExtensive styling.I can(^ O ^)/

OverallsThe fashionClassic casual styleIt is(*´▽`*)

This spring and summer,Seasonal overallsCoordinationWhy not enjoy?(^_-)-

Are equipped with accessories,!

5In January, finally warmed up, today I feel nowadays...

We how you doing?!
Shop spring and summer new every day, every day in stock.!

During this fiscal year design emphasis is the


Safari, OSEANS, SENSE...etc or feature sterling silver and

But I think that already know how to check the Internet and magazines,

So it is!Now Indian jewelry is pretty hot!!

My mistake. This was the Indian costume.


For Indian accessories(Especially turquoise)Father becomes amulet stones stones of the sky and the water where to teach, and to defend bodying from danger and even traditional ceremonies are always wearing lots of Turquoise were named.

Accessories for their identity and faith itself as!

Well 欠kasenaide in the summer of Turquoise ~

About its history is far too deep, that will get me started here in(^^;

A somewhat unsatisfactory and become a scantily-clad for summer when it...

Try addition accessories coordination of day to do something one is how?!?

So and so!Should be paralyzed and it w

I feel just like a Navajo man watching from the delicate design and beautiful turquoise blue.

And sterling silver twist modern Esperanto is widely available!

Value than price is quite affordable so don't worry!(Even the most expensive one is about 30000 Yen!)

Again, please come visit us!Should be nice dating!

Looking forward your visit very much and will-be ヽ(´▽`)/

New face of shoe brands! "FABIO RUSCONI.

In the spring of this year, take a look at you guys want to know Italy brand "FABIO RUSCONI (fabiolusconi)".

Elegant, easy to wear dress shoes in particular is renowned.

In the shop where we offer!

I'm in Italy's most popular brand in its simple design in Japan gradually gaining popularity.
Trend shoes ranging standard deployment.

After the collaboration with various shoes designer living in Florence, Italy, Fabio Rusconi factory in Europe launched in 1998, in the popular.

Like why people engaging in its appeal, in Japan no sensitivity!!

If you absolutely want!

How to use the skin, dyed shoes wore silhouette,
And above all comfortable.

Which is really the best.

A simple but amazing presence.

In summer sandals are already in stock!

"Up from the feet.

Back in stock because we don't, take a look at early ♪ ♪