2016June this year

Summer love color-offense!

いよいよSummerIt is?

So it will be this year's pretty hot in the summer.

Become a fashionable women's clothes to color one piece from the usual basic color(∩´∀`)∩

Q blue vamp?
Yerse ¥ 18500 tax

Color one pieceThe dress, it shows bright skin tone!

[Orange vamp?
-PORTCROS ¥ 19000 tax

Enjoy the summer with color!

Cool hemp material in Nice(*́ω ' *)

Q kerkiwampi? RAND?
-PALRMASEL ¥ 21000 tax

Because the resort a perfect trip is recommended?

In the summer this year in colors fashionable!

"Sea bread" with "street wear"!

These days it is getting warmer today!
Summer kick off tomorrow!

Abercrombie & Fitch Hollister swim is in stock now!

It is because it means more people now swim to everyday use as a can!

Normally I wear swimming trunks, a?

In both land and water was good at all!

Normally only fit T shirts, sandals, sneakers, etc OK!

It functional!

Dry, light and so easy to travel, camping and leisure is perfectly!

The pounding can be washed from the swimsuit!

Put togetherAbercrombie & Fitch Beach sandals are in stock now!

The item out here to come in handy!

In the present is recommended.

None almost each stock at only one point so please hurry to ヽ(・∀・)Bruno

Bread street wear style try come ~ ☆

"Converse" is hot!

Regardless of season, is a popular sneaker, but in 2016, SS"Converse" boom revisited!!

Trendy hipster is already incorporated ☆彡.

Just shod only in the sense of strain, this converse become a superb impression.

2016At SS, but the converseFully qualified staff?

We are there, all star low cut black Navy Red ★

price…¥ 5980 tax

From fancy feet

Come visit us!

Father's day gift

Our celebration will be either-(^^)


Father's day is a 6/19 ★

"What do I want to gift your father will be pleased, but I do not know! 」
Who are having so much trouble here!

For a limited time prepared items featured on father's day gifts

the quality of the made in japan
Leather product brand

"esperanto(Esperanto)] of the
Leather goodsIt is recommended

Using high-quality Italian leather.
Wallet, card holders, key cases, beltAnd recommend!

It pleased the father I'm sure!
But rather for yourself, I hope! Lol

Incidentally Esperanto lifetime warranty card with so many times as repairs are possible, points

Also recommended is

Wear comfortable socks not outstanding
see rasox(La SOX) "also presents is great!

1Degree of wear and to 『Tokyo

Who need help with gift please come look designs available!
(^o^)/*Welcome rest!.(^o^)/*

DESIGN +(Design plus)
2-3-12 omotemachi, Tomakomai-Shi 053-0022, Japan
Maruko Bldg(1F ladies 2 mens)