TMT autumn/winter collections start with!

TMT delivery now.

Travel around the world.
Style backpack one journey to world and then adapted to the situation of countries and regions
TMT's own point of view and interpret the arrangement to expand!

Harmonization with the familiar vintage body dedicated to backpackers traveling around the world to design, print and boldly placed at the front, more colours, and themed atmosphere outstanding items(^ ^ ♪

In your travels in the BAG one of the culture and customs of each country with its own interpretation of the TMT adds print to bleed, even until now no body color, theme, is characterized by a sophisticated atmosphere where you can feel(^^)

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DENHAM delivery now.

Denham 2016 main FALL WINTER collection launched(^^)/

Has gained inspiration from the story of the season hung on the theme ' THE SK'S THE LIMIT (far too high in the sky) ', in 1950, training exercises in whereabouts become unknown to the Royal Air Force(^ ^ ♪

And the collection was produced incorporating modern design concepts with the air force and structure ideas, in addition to military patches, ranging through relentless military research(^ O ^)/

‘The Sky’s The Limit(どこまでも空高く)’の表現にふさわしいコレクションです(*´▽`*)

Let me check on this occasion!


G-star RAW autumn/winter collection started!

Netherlands Amsterdam from denim brand g-star RAW autumn winter collections start with!

Now from time to time new products in stock now!
3D denim with draping "Elwood(ELWOOD)"The new products are in stock(^ O ^)/

Collection development unique to g-star to continue research and development of materials at a level beyond the denim area, through its innovative products for your own style(^ ^ ♪

Tops fit denim, also from time to time new in stock now in!

Keep the product in the most pure form, while at the same time in all styles and trends, and all ages accepted, such as produce was fresher than edgy image has expanded the concept(^^)/

To fully exploit the appeal of the wearer from every possible angle research and making use of all the designs, such as the location of seams and pockets of 3301 new in stock!

We have restocked the also popular jog denim(^ ^ ♪

Sure to check out reliable quality g-star fall/winter collection(*’▽’)

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DENHAM "Japan Limited Edition quantity limited special item! 」

Denham's first 3-Pack shirts "NIGHT & DAY 3 PACK T-SHIRT "new!
Released as the first project in Japan!

Very popular in our shop!
Denham Pack T re-stockced now!
We stock in our shop, S, M

Pursuit of optimal staff of Denham denim shirts, perfected the best 3 Pack T shirts(*’▽’)

Dough sticks to the comfort, 100% cotton super advanced refill Tianzhu adoption.
By making even one wash product washing, and beam than the typical thick t-shirts, soft and silky finish(^^)

Happy to have difficult to shape even after repeated washing in addition to durability.

In addition, detail throughout Denham adds femininity to the colorful GIMP Dungarees material added as an accent left hem(^^)/
Versatile casual wear and home wear throughout the year, use the Unisex items(*´▽`*)

Celebrated summer is a versatile item can be used all season, but this season's items come in especially handy(^ ^ ♪

Heartwarming Negishi also is Jason Denham and his friends, and business partners Exchange scenes depicting the original design special packages that can be used everyday, so using the zip type of thick material(^^)/

Japan Limited Edition quantity limited special item and is, so take this opportunity to(^ ^ ♪


G-star new denim!

G-starFromNew denimIn stock now!
Denim areaAt a level beyondMaterial research and developmentContinued itsInnovative productsBy taking your own styleG-star(^ ^ ♪

It looks very beautifulAttractive silhouette
Ballistic effect beautiful legsIt is!

Picked the recommendations received from the(^^)/

[5620 3D Low Boyfriend Jeans.
The silhouette was inspired by bikerG-star RAWIn typical style(^^)
FormedTransition into your legs and kneesで、The beauty of wearability and lineStand out(^^)/

In the Panel's thigh into the diagonal seam and advertsA hard tasteIn addition to the wholeOne decorated with paint(*’▽’)
Messed upCoolIt is!

[3301 Ultra High Super Skinny Jeans.
G-star 3301 is a classic 5 Pocket configurationStyle neutralLike jeans.(*’▽’)

All the waste that has been stripped away,Basic jeansAt least this model say that the clean styling combines with the authentic details(^ ^ ♪
Excellent elasticityIt'sSoft touchA denim is made(^^)/

Classic 5 Pocket structureModern, feminine denimIt is(^^)/
Protect the astronaut from speedGarment, G-Suit (G suit)The inspiredA tight fitFeatures(^ ^ ♪

Lynn (Lynn)The classic 5 Pocket design bases in a gentle curve to theDesign the most beautiful female bodyHas become a(*’▽’)

"Arc 3D Sport Low Boyfriend Jeans.
Most popular joggdenim!
Thank you, butBack in stock todayWe have!
Inspired by jeansSweat pants(^ ^ ♪
Soft and fluffySweat fabricsUseDenim texturePerfect to put out!

Since becoming the sewing legs plus torsionNothing beats it in the comfort and ease of movement(^^)/
HeelEvenSneakersAlso goes well with!One can also use(*’▽’)

G-star denim is stillBeautiful detailIt is(^ ^ ♪
Take this opportunity toPlease check itPlease try to(^^)/

Towel on the cloud "Muscovite" is in stock now!

Towel on the cloud "Imabari towel Muscovite (HACOON)In stock now!

Ultimate touchBased on the concept"Baiyun"!!
Plump like cloudsAnd in the soft,Comfortable, smooth textureVery good feeling(*’▽’)

And baby your skin after washing your face,Softly delicate skin
BaiyunThe original has a cottonSoft and absorbentDrawer,Ultimate touchTowel pursued it is(^ ^ ♪

In additionOutstanding water absorbency and safetyButProof of Imabari towel(^^)
Imabari towel brand mark and logoJapan's biggest towel producer of Imabariで、Only towels have passed rigorous quality standards(*’▽’)

Imabari towelManufacturing of seeking high quality, incorporating the latest technology in the tradition "than manufacturing" to of desire"Baiyun"Now it(^ ^ ♪

Boxed giftsSo we are supposedIdeal for gifts(^^)/
Come againImabari towel "Baiyun"Please try the(^^)

Actress wearing models are finally in stock!!


Nakatani Miki, starred in the drama "my mobo can't get married, I'm not"

Aka ", never"In Mr./Ms. Nakatani Miki often wore on the home sceneJohnbull overallsNow in stock!

Influence of TV, Johnbull even been sold finally reproduced in that is really strong!

By the way, walking outfit is Johnbull white overalls.

(Can be ordered here, it is possible, but does not store)

And otherOveralls are re-stocked!

Johnbull (John Bull) overalls?Really cute ★

細kattari string, or buttons on the waist

But easy-to-wear firm dough, cutting sense of still other is not it!

360From ℃ perfect silhouette!

Processing of this Japan's Okayama denim.

Overalls have anymore. Anyone who wants
With suspenders denim chicken? ♪

Servicing is very cool!

Other brands are in stock, so also will be updated next time(∩´∀`)