2017September this year


Cold in what season this time is slightly flattering, I don't know!

Who wants what you wear now now now wear her stuff it is recommended(‘ω’)

Last one! John Bull denim coat!

A long length is also cute!

In the iPad looks neat up sleeve from shoulder pattern is made.
Processing of natural discoloration only Okayama denim world also is the point!

Also since a deep slit long length is not too heavy, peeped in the bottoms, wear is recommended. (^^)


More recently new items in stock many too and keep up with updates, the((+_ ))Sorry!

There are many items not made here was so please come and see ne!(^ O ^)

First stock DENHAM introduce today!


High-quality ambience blended with wool and nylon short colour long Cardigan.

Color is grey one!

Also comes with colorful pins to accent.
(Like the denim yarn coil design is lovely!)

Wear only simple items and get DENHAM goodness!
Please try it on please.(^ O ^)/

Johnbull (John Bull)

From John Bull's strongest outerwear
Tetra TeX is in stock now!

Tetra TeX! s. Donaldson Company developed special resin film, fabrics for clothing, and ultimate comfort performance. Completely shut out rain and wind while emitting steam clothes in. Prevent condensation within the garment, provides the best environment to keep dry and warm.

So far, liner can be removed according to the temperature season wear is a versatile outerwear are able.

Stock colors are Khaki, Navy, black three colors ^ _ ^
(Size S / M / L)

Outer wear long instead focussed on functional design is without doubt also!

Take a look at the shop٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶


Continue to knit
Today the fewest introduction(́ω ' *)

Color is ivory with blue!

Nisp rice ¥ 16000 real far!!(Use the rabbit fur)

This season, fur shoes, clothes, bags and this is lovely!

A stylish layered look was far much!


Okayama denim brand, ANTGAUGE(Ant Gage)From the best handmade Cowichan was popular last year appeared this season!

This knit is 1 piece, craftsman is based in hand knitting.

Button also Ant Gage original!
Has been branded with Concho buttons.

VIA SPARE (via spare) men & women

Brand new!

The SPARE VIA (via spare) broadcast saw.

Are being handled at high sensitivity, such as Barneys New York store.

Comfortable good price!

Continue making top quality casual and motto
Is the brand continues to pursue the best to wear!

This is a good design of switching easily incorporating well!

Color is beige and black two colors!

Men's and women's sizes for both.

price ¥ 19000 tax

DENHAM (women's)

Autumn/winter collection of Denham's new denim is in stock now!

This is a black skinny!


Forever black, as the name suggests,
Can keep the same blackness washed many times, Denham's masterpiece!

Silhouette is the perfect silhouette to match any style and in the most typical skinny fit type "SHARP".

It is also recommended for align at DENHAM items as easy coordination with a featured color black this season, the classic silhouettes and fabrics are fine(^^)

Crowds wearing that black and white, it dilutes black to become like so this is really good!


Recent in-store pants popular introduction!

It is brand NEW(^^)/

Top rated in the world, famous in Okayama denim brand JAPANBLUE (momotaro jeans)
Ladies brand new Urbin (Irvin).

Baker Pant trend here is recommended!

Cotton 100% Use the best fabrics!
Keep the silhouette of acupuncture feeling!

It is wide, click here!

Here is slim!

Wear khaki pants with outstanding turning ability, it is recommended to(^^)/!!

REMI RELIEF (men and women)

Launched a new treatment from this season

Staple items of RELIEF REMI (Remi relief),

Indigo ZIP Hoodie Cardigan is in stock now!

It is very cool to complain about the no!

Never seen such elaborate kakkoyiparker!

Now drape it on the fabric of the firm to what exactly is a good thickness.

Throughout the's attention is filled with Remi relief is quite popular items!

Original hem and cuffs all with Indigo yarn knitted items.
I feel the rib knit anomalies, such as Remi relief seems to be sticking.

Very fashionable double zip Remi relief custom native design.

Is the item a presence in one piece!

In the men's and women's height
S-XL in stock(^^)/

Cardigan ¥ 27000 tax

Parker ¥ 29000 tax


Hunter range is in stock now!

Type of quilting is back this year!

(Subject to toll and said Gore)

This year, many in stock items, such as backpacks or umbrellas.
Casa or cute and feeling agarimasu!
HUNTER on a rainy day is recommended.

Of course in the snow!

Limited season! Casa star pattern too!(Folding type)