This is an introduction from REMI RELIEF!
Jacket hood based upon N-3B.
Made update to servicemen in the modern interpretation, such as color scheme represented by REMI RELIEF in its own way, was affecting the color or silhouette, detail is astonishing!

What table in expressing a sense of realistic used like wore years with 100% nylon fabric. To enable process atmosphere usually nylon material that is tricky, but it is Remi relief!

Long time by combining hydrogen, while as much as possible without damaging the fibers, also promotes fading of colors.

Atmosphere was discolored, and pursue real change is quite often lacking in texture!

One expressed in new clothing, it is!

Please see the real thing please! Should be amazed at the greatness(^^)/

Waiting for your visit you will to be.

price... ¥ 59,800 tax