Clarks (Clarks)Desert boots




"Clarks (Clarks)Desert boots "

1950's whopping sales has started!
At that time "sell such quirky shoes and no filter! "And internal criticism was so strong that soothing comfort is called reputation, contrary to expectations, and recorded a big hit
Boasts 20 million feet more than the total sales worldwide now, because it is a surprise!

Shots from the side too look good ~!

Look a rich suede upper is part of the charm of the desert boots. It deepens the flavor was brushed, winter seems to habitually so nice!

70It is amazing even years is virtually unchanged.

Desert boots for big strong point is the simple design was completed. You can wear without having to worry about change of the trend therefore. To say and will fit any taste outfit from pear. Will become a partner in every day!

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price... ¥ 23,000 tax