MUSHER hooded riders JKT

This is the introduction of leather JKT!

I'd never heard our brand...
Becomes a brand called "MUSHER Marcia' Italy!

First, I brands description please.

The brand launched in the year 2000 by Mario Cosser. Mario Cosser himself since 1990 has piled up a career as a designer, was expanding its business centered on the production of fur and leather goods. More in such as filled with hand-made leather manufacturing technology to convey the appeal of leather brand was born Marcia-(MUSHER) is.
In leather processing, is known to need technical expertise than you think, but Masha-(MUSHER) are carefully selected craftsmen of Italy, and is obsessed with hand-made production. Has succeeded in originality cannot be in the machine, thereby cutting their coloring. It is a brand and keep the high quality of course has many followers.

By using high-quality leather, provides distinctive texture and lightness.
It should be amazing!

You can get the feeling that slowly adapts itself to the body, to fit the body. Here is also a happy point of leather!

The type of wool. Warm leather it is best you!

Here is the table away from it! Here is a fine wool(^^)/

Please consider it as a lifetime of expensive, but(^^)/

Please check at the store!

price... ¥ 102.000 tax(Wool Combi)¥ 115.000 tax(Allisa)