2018January this year

SOLIDO cotton managed Setup

-Super comfortable to wear on you ~

If you wear once and the soft, comfortable to get out his other pants. Such pants brand SOLIDO (Quote from HP)

And that Italy was a popular brands too last autumn-winter models

We stock setup for the summer to the spring from "SOLIDO"(^^)/

Cover and...

It is setting up the pants!

Up and down very easy to wear out!

For difficult wrinkles makes polyester blend, well feel free to treat than wool home circle washing can also surprise material!

By this time spring summer from the corner fabric is lighter, and enters the stretch ever further finish can be worn in all seasons, nonstress lightly!

Color c.,We have two types of GREY and NAVY ★

Each rose but of course can be purchased.

Please see us at the shop!

price... JKT 53,000 PANTS ¥ 26,000 tax

MUSHER Marcia--single Ray Sanders

Finally I came...

Italy ITA men love leather brands

From the "MUSHER" single Ray Sanders is in stock now!

One of the impatient forhis. personal items(^ ^ ♪ really more SIMPLE IS BEST.

Is useless... just say Northern queue

Is is represented pure high-quality materials and the game in tanning leather JKT-.

Seen in close-up, and high quality of the leather, understand! Soft anymore!

It would be OK with denim, a t-shirt and sneakers!

In earnest and not expensive given added life of this quality so high, I believe.

In stock at each size 1 so please hurry!

Await your visit(^^)/

price... ¥ 105.000 tax

SALE outfit (women's)


It's not too late!
Since the recent cold wave in very cold
Please GET the item right now even my sister next year ~(́ω ' *)

Remaining 1 pointDown coat /SCOCTH & SODA ¥ 50760 ⇒ ¥ 45684

Lining is velour material too casual and elegant atmosphere.

Bottoms is the
Major apparel manufacturer from another note order is popular shorts!(^^)!

ceirate(Seratte)/Center press stretch pants
14040 ¥» ¥ 11232

There stretch with Center press pants.
Running out, chitin and a sense of fun to ossmedes!

The bottle just to fit it in, because the stretch is easy to move.
Good balance of Japanese-style lining with so warm on us to clean leg ankle length pants. Far from your everyday work can be styled range.

In made in Japan, there is a marked made in japan.


My denim, while

Erotic even today is that I work with!

The stock type 2 g-star RAW shirt so I will introduce!

G-star RAW original pattern shirt

Plain denim shirt is in stock now!

Print original patterns, so others don't feel is GOOD.

Good how to cut and dress shirt with dreamy, I

Stretch fabric, so I can't wear both!

Wearing number each in INDIGO will change texture infects you.

G-star raw sizing is reviewed from this season, especially for the shirt very good silhouette!

Sleeves and was very familiar with when it is worn, such as reviewing a little bit, so to(^^♪

Please check store ★

price... ¥ 14,000 tax

Sea green oniwaffle crew

Last year the Sea green oniwaffleparker was sold in popular!

Crew neck with oniwaffle fabric today to introduce ★

BLACK Tanaka wearing size 03(M)

NVY Tanaka wearing size 02(S)

Cotton polyester waffle fabric, known as "oniwaffle"
The finished dough that I'm naming, but rough than normal waffle dough is chewy, soft, lightweight, provides for comfort.

Beautiful three-dimensional look, Waffle dough enough so looks classy! Fabric "Wolf" is comes from "demon" in expected rough finish, was the demon?! But anyway comfortable to wear is the best!

Color black and Navy is deploying two-color ♪ please check store ★

price... ¥ 23,000 tax


Also John Bull is start spring in stock.(^ O ^)♪


Like excited about the coming of spring
Introducing the new nice shirt!

Johnbull / standard shirt ¥ 16200 (Tax included)
(White stripes are two types / size S / M)

The standard shirt pelupima cotton.

Even the washed-out light calorie Vermont, kimarimasu
Highlights to iron dress shirt like a classy look.

Silhouette is a big silhouette now, easily.
By setting the wide-collar, pulled out the collar, wearing the collar origin stand nicely as is has.

Top collar button
Double Botan, too cute!(́ω ' *)

Adult casual style of jeans and a tailored, is recommended.
(And IN a nice skirt!)

Simple and wear a good course!
Before opening and browsing on a belt, staff try to arrange!

This shirt is quite recommended(^ O ^)

* Browsing... (is said to wear a belt when browsing, pull a little blouse bodice. Refers to the "bulge blouse" when it means wearing a blouse, blouse got into the skirt. )

DENHAM denim ★

It is really cold today!

Have in stock the new spring, feeling's cherry blossoms in full bloom in ★

DENHAM monferrata company-denim shirt is in stock now!

Luxury fabric manufacturers are said to be the oldest in Italy organized by special fabric.

Doesn't feel good fabric is from the show?

Upholstery fabric is soft. Ringtones and Skylar!!!!

Than gold rivets carousel exudes luxury.

DENHAM is a familiar than gully accent!

Tip of the day is also good!

Early moves have just arrived!

Check at the store do to.(^^)/

price... ¥ 23,000 tax

G-star RAW men's new stock!

New more and more will come in stock!-!-!

Mens g-star RAW!

A standard plain shirt and wildly popular Elwood went from print shirt!

G-star pattern, makes original! Makihara, Noriyuki also surprised! "In the world only one pattern" of is.

CAP and 90's-ish logo sweatshirts are in stock now!

Can't stop the spring stock still enjoys!

"Please come to our men to come!(^^)/

Tanaka personally this Elwood, quite good looking I think.

DENHAM (women's)


DENHAM arrived just G Jean introduction??


¥ 43200 (tax included)

Very nice color is finished!

Adopted monferrata, stretch denim,
Is a comfortable, stress-free her feelings don't think Jean!

Monferrata's patch

Finished in a vintage wash and damage processing the image of California denim jacket.

Just the size can be used in standard.
1 can be used, regardless of season.

Chino, Baker pants, black and white pants, dress, skirt
Jean-G to match many bottoms!

DENHAM new in stock (Lady's)

DENHAM ladies ' (Denham) of many new spring has just arrived!



 But G-T shirts in stock
Today we detail introduce bottoms!

Denim pants are four types of stock (sukinii_waido_kuroppudenimu_chino)

First of all from the skinny type.

SHARP FBS2 ¥ 28080 (tax included)
Also in our shopSilhouette to sell out very quickly
Skinny fit type SHARP (sharp), the most representative.

The rise is fit and adopt a regular-sized notebooks, well balanced.

12finished this lovely vintage processing employing oz stretch denim fabric, blue will remain, regardless of season, put it.

It was followed by wide denim!

This season introduced a new fit ALEX.(Alex).


¥ 30240 (tax included)
This is the lovely bow Leopard loose silhouettes in trendy denim.

Finished in vintage denim stretch denim fabric, or washed with a sense of balance.

DENHAM directly operated stores in 17 spring/summer Dan by far in the silhouette was selling!

Nice stretch, soft moist texture in the
Feel good!

JUDY CB ¥ 31752 (tax included)
"JUDY" was inspired from the style of Jason Denham's mother Judy Denham.

70High-rise hippie spirit of the age in which she willingly wore demonstrates the Culottes silhouette lovely bow Leopard cropped.

Draping is beautiful, very soft lightweight denim fabric and adopt
Create a new denim styles.

In the end


¥ 24840 (tax included)
Cotton x OCEAN PANT VTS Denham staple rayon stretch fabrics used.

Changes color every season!
This stock is easy to use in a Navy color.

Versatile, can be used both on and off is the one!

Waist and hip circumference is compact design with neat slim tapered silhouette.

See more 1-type items in DENHAMIt is the only shop in the province!

Come before is lost every time are selling fast so please please come back to see feel free to!

Tomorrow I will introduce G Jean(^^)