(Ladies) MUSHER STORY posted on leather blouson

Leather jackets leather brand in Italy of "Marsa" is in stock now!

It is a popular model of commitment was echoed in the magazine STORY!
Comes in two colors, black and grey beige stock.

And spring leather jackets and bumped up to the turn of the season, will help also you want to update one of the commitment towards a mature woman can have confidence.

Denim and pants, of course,
Wide pants and MIME, good balance and the skirt,
It is a leather blouson sleeve finished smartly, only ON the difference.

Three-dimensional art silhouettes are made by hand-made technology with Marsha,
Adult female body show and an amazing upper body looks refreshing.

Also it's whas big medium vintage wash process of the original.

Black as standard.

Again 1 a Marcia sticking
This Greige color.
Easier to fit and wear no idiomatic exquisite colouring is recommended!

Leather clean without any weight, comfortable to wear, even recommended!

Sleeves rolled up easy-to-like is is ♪ will create atmosphere, feminine accessories and watch and see!