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This is messed up!

Soft comfort and lightweight cotton material 100%.
A basic design with moderate thickness has excellent insulation and stuck to the comfort.

Not scratchy cotton 100 so the spring are wearable materials.

Attractive ribbed is series we want into a wardrobe fitting and beautiful silhouette does not depend on who wear one size fits all styles!

V neck ¥ 4700 (border and ¥ 5500)

Turtleneck ¥ 4900 (border and ¥ 5700)

Bottleneck ¥ 4800(Solid color only)

Layering during • is bought in different colors so much plentiful kalabari was coming!
Please come try-DarkOrbit(́ω ' *)

(Natural deodorant processing)
-Excellent antibacterial deodorant function
Safety of using natural systems drug
• Soft texture
-High fiber affinity