Alden capture incl boots

It is out of...

I received this item.

In "Alden" cap to boot!

In American shoes and King say the good in that, I think this shoe if you like amazing little w

I couldn't say luxury. Sexi beam rolled out of that stuff.

Behind the curve, too,

This is a rare model with soft calf leather cordovan Alden says, is known in the luxury shoe brand, usually referred to as diamond leather used is almost the!

Saul is not leather, but regardless of the season, walking is practical to reverse(^^)/

Straight tip because I'm 履kemasu without problems even in formal!

Shape seen from above is nice and beautiful!

This is a limited edition model called the Bootmaker Edition!

Precious is not nearly in the country!

Box solid good condition, so this is really is a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

So are sold as USED shoes we have in stock new unused as

Price from price deals products tens of thousands of Yen is(^^)/

Real wish to visit us!

Completely one-of-so sorry but one-size fits all size(*_*;

Please see us at the shop!

price... ¥ 119.800 tax