TAILOR TOYO×PEANUTS cotton jacket with Viet Nam”MOON LANDING”

TAILOR TOYO×PEANUTS Viet Nam jacket”MOON LANDING”It is in stock now!

Subject by using Snoopy Taylor Oriental limited models ★

I actually Snoopy is less well known story in 1969, made the first moon landing in the United States was used as a NASA safety mascot

To drape a thaw and just use a good light weight cotton fabric, not wearing our good!(^^)

And cuteness of good balance is exquisite!

On the front embroidered in Woodstock,

Cute Snoopy wearing space suits in the back with a flag design embroidery decorated!

Is a strong impression that the casual chatter of Oriental items,

合wasaz stiff casual items in our shop,

We recommend that joggers of shorts or pants with want.(^^)/

Great items MADE IN JAPAN brand Japan Monozukuri, tailor Toyo,

One thing! Please see us at the shop!

price... ¥ 39,000 tax