SEAGREEN(Sea green color.)Oniwafflepaca (women's)

Popular items of the Seagreen, ed. Oriel incorporated into eye-catching waffle Parker.

Just arrived the new colors of spring ^ – ^
It was popular at last arrived!

Color is light gray, yellow, and blue 3 ★

Are often reported in the magazine story.

The blend of cotton and polyester, also uses less crease or wrinkle resistant nature.
It is suitable for adults in a relaxed casual style up a notch on Parker.

And spring and leather outer layering during matches.

Superior absorption fabric, surface irregularities reduces the contact surface on the skin, with the comfort comfortable sweat may feel uncomfortable.

Parker everyday errand can we choose high-quality, comfortable.( Be: ' )


SCOTCH &SODA from today's Putra World Trade Centre--introduction of knitting!

Spring! Is still ahead-, and every day we…..

Well, Hokkaido is a peak in the cold February(^^;Is unavoidable-

Said while the inside spring filled with you!

Bright colors are spring and summer seems nice ~!

Yellow and

Two colors, Pink is restock!

Points to pastel neutral tones so comfortable against the skin.

Sheer cotton fabric is light and loved! Inner wear as a seasonal color now if you are(^^)/

Hot fit khaki items if you is GOOD! Of course no doubt well with denim ★

Both colors are highly recommended!

Please see us at the shop!

price... ¥ 10,000 tax

Abercrombie &Fitch classic Parker

We have in stock many Americans purchase goods as mentioned previously, I will!

Abercrombie & Fitch classic taste with light alter's today show

In an informal atmosphere, denim, chinos and even gone and wear parka is!

And in your home can wash anything!

Is also good classic drawcord ★

Black is the color, or align the inner thinking you can wear!

The left hem nonchalant logo is GOOD!

This time I also wear an M size is a little loose because of I can wear in a wide range of people is making.

S-XL are available so you would take a look at!

Looking forward your visit you will to.(^^)/

Recommended spring outer part II Johnbull / nylon coat

Spring outer piece only stock so many so fast that you win!
John Bull was trying to introduce trench coat is lost today,

So it is quite recommended introducing!

Big size in the sleeve with hood range.

Very stylish design even in the spring outer nylon material.

Consideration to the sporty element and drawcord and code stopper

While describing the various taste like military mods coat tail, a mode in the impression you can wear.

Very light in thin gloss material comfort ★

Color is Navy ★
One size fits most
Material:100% nylon

price 23,000 tax

MENS USA stock products & spring is in stock now!

Spring coming in and getting our!

Finally a product...

But it took time because the fine amount

I managed to finished(^^;

Only the import of items just in

Products and out fun way.--.-!

Men's season spring/summer is without a doubt, it is pink, yellow!

Good spring-like item is a...-(^^)/

Of this vintage are in stock, and even items!

Seen first in Japan stuff is gone!

Just wow VANS...

Come in please. ~?!

Oh, tomorrow Wednesday it is closed because the holidays, to meet on Thursday

We are looking forward to it!(^^)/

DENHAM leather belts (women's)

Also ladies leather belts in Denham is in stock now!

I would certainly last, finally released and I was about 2 years ago?!

Camel / Black 2 color is the color!

Color can be used either because I don't know this.(Lol)

Also feel touched in a very soft leather.

Contains hasammark DENHAM logo engraved on the belt tip!

It is a belt width like the feminine feel.

It is a belt can be used for many years and can be used in a classic!

price ¥ 12000 tax


"Baja California" a Mexico resort with theme of this collection.
I've finally got the tops ~!

Inspired by the Festival to mourn the dead in colorful costumes and dance "of the dead Festival, called this collection a calavera skull pattern, Spring and summer have deployed a variety of items, such as floral or a multi-border knit jacket apparently has become a collection.

And tops No. 1 bullet,
Items of TMT I think it had ever felt!

Processing environment, atmosphere is great!

In the checked shirt with ombre fabric weaving, produced by Weaver in nishiwaki city, Hyogo Prefecture

Giving me love reach, with bleach, crash,

Now we finished shirt had a new sense to remain in TMT.

TMT's familiar embroideries stands out in reverse!

For it extremely spoiled fabrics and amazing thing about TMT's regular crashes processing and

Just to lighten the burden of the dough, using the latest laser crashes processing technique.

I'm afraid! Indeed it is!

I think come real terrible of experience we want to!

You forward your visit!

price... ¥ 30,000 tax

Recommended spring outer part 1 ☆ Johnbull(John Bull) / denim mods coat

Specials introduce her spring of today('Omega')

The item that you want to GET in a jumble!
Every season's popular denim mods coat.

☆ Here's a distressed color ¥ 28000 tax

This season, finishing volume silhouette
Trendy and more we finished design with a strong presence.('Omega')

For firmness and volume using the thick-walled denim fabric.

☆ Indigo ¥ 24000 tax

In one wash color using parts of silver and a refined atmosphere.
Non-fading, indigo items is especially this season to the trend.

Unzip both the full cute!

Sleeves with adjustable, you can squeeze the West also.

Matching wide pants or a skirt, dress!

Which was a favorite?('Omega')
2Both are pretty good with each color style! Recommended!

Thursday is the last day SALE!

Tomorrow 2/14 (Wednesday) is closed on Mondays!
Thursday is the last day SALE!

☆ recommend women's sale items!

SALE ☆ check shirt (Abercrombie & Fitch)
¥ 15660?¥12,528 (Incl. tax)

SALE ☆ jeans (g-star RAW)
3301Classic skinny are 20% off!!

¥ 16200?¥ 12960 (Incl. tax)

New VANS sneakers! (Currently unreleased in Japan)

Leather × ZIP OLD SKOOL (old school)
It is pretty rare!

Photo Greige and there is black in color.
(1 point of ¥ 12960 (Incl. tax)

SCOTCH &SODA pullover band collar shirt

Before even gone and introduced SCOTCH &SODA spring summer collection.

Today I tried focusing on t-shirt(^^)/

Band color pullover shirt. Another dressed as expected it was good!

And so it came,

Silhouette is nice and it's not good either,

And around the neck opening is perfect why not,

Looks clean and convinient and no, just right!

In I put their entire image will do.

So John is gone!

Because I'm hooked on the fine detail like a Scotch,

This is really wear, it is OK!

Simple fit cropped-length jeans, summer in shorts casual

Accessories are beautiful items I think ★

Is not stretchy fabric made from 100% cotton, so, there is also good!

Point is difficult to shape with fabric upholstery.

Please see us at the shop!

price... ¥ 17,500 tax