MENs DENHAM forever black denim

Black denim wash, wash the Unfading, whose name is forever black denim(^^)/

Also to testing 30 times as its name suggests is totally didn't change color(*’▽’)

Slim fit type with silhouette is refreshing!
Stretching is turned on, there is also ease of wear-(^ ^ ♪

Feel sticking to Denham's looking better front buttons(́ω ' *)

Adopted monferrata, fabrics, and outstanding comfort!(^^)!

Classic shiserstetch was dropped and 691 stitches and their quality(@_@)

Very versatile pants but unfortunately at this time production shut down it seems.

Because we are using the fabrics specifically manufactured by monferrata of already will have is recommended.(^O^)

price... ¥ 30000 tax

Our reservation staff sincerely look forward to(^^)/