MENs G-star RAW Check Shirt

G-star RAW(Gisterlow)New check shirt is in stock from(*'*)
Slim shirt of tailored fit incorporating the details of workwear

Although it is a slender silhouette, it is a point that it is finished in a comfortable comfort by using a flannel material of soft touch.

The sense of length has also become a moderate length of about the waist, and it has become one of the impression that seems to be an adult who was refreshing(*'Aoi')

A loop is attached to the chest pocket of the button down, and the design which put the reinforcement panel from the back side is adopted, and it is finished in the check shirt of the workwear style.(#^.^ #)

As a casual commitment of detail, the sleeve is tagged with G-sta(^^)/

Check shirt of the atmosphere such as adult casual calm in a beautiful silhouette
Work-taste detail is a finish with a difference with others, so by all means, please check at the store(*^_^*)


We are looking forward to seeing you all ♪