First sale-SALE & bags Guide ★

Use our DESIGN this year, thank you!

We come from plenty of shops around, thanks and I'm happy as long as it is.
Thank you because committed staff welcome guests again next year.

★ year-end/new year holiday operating schedule ★.

12/29 Normal operating
12/30 18When closing
12/31 Holidays
1/1 Holidays
1/ 2 Holidays
1/3 First sale bags & SALE (Normal operating)

And the 1/3 bag sale?(AM10: start)
So this year is really less quantity?

?First saleSALEAlso held at the same time???

Outerwear, knits, denim, now available
Brand items up to 20% off?

(SALE for brand:Abercrombie & Fitch/Johnbull/DENHAM/G-STAR RAW/SCOTCH & SODA/ANTGAUGE/andmore.!)

Come and take this opportunity to come available.(?????)♪
Next year the staff awaits you(^^)

* New stock sale this month excluded, exclude certain brands of

Towel on the cloud "Muscovite" is in stock now!

Towel on the cloud "Imabari towel Muscovite (HACOON)In stock now!

Ultimate touchBased on the concept"Baiyun"!!
Plump like cloudsAnd in the soft,Comfortable, smooth textureVery good feeling(*'Inspection')

And baby your skin after washing your face,Softly delicate skin
BaiyunThe original has a cottonSoft and absorbentDrawer,Ultimate touchTowel pursued it is(^ ^ ♪

In additionOutstanding water absorbency and safetyProof of Imabari towel(^^)
Imabari towel brand mark and logoJapan's biggest towel producer of Imabariで、Only towels have passed rigorous quality standards(*'Inspection')

Imabari towelManufacturing of seeking high quality, incorporating the latest technology in the tradition "than manufacturing" to of desire"Baiyun"Now it(^ ^ ♪

Boxed giftsSo we are supposedIdeal for gifts(^^)/
Come againImabari towel "Baiyun"Please try the(^^)

Cute adult overalls!

Mid May, considerably.WarmIt has been a(‘ω’)Bruno
ShopSummerThings are more and more in stock!

Anyways, now a highly recommended is the overalls(*'Inspection')
Drama "My mobo can't get married, I'm not"In theMiki NakataniWho wore thatBuzz overalls!!!

Actually,John BullOverallsWhat is the(^ O ^)/

But I think you have an early image, etc.Adults are wearing, very pretty

SummerTowards theRecommended rompersWould like to introduce(^_-)-☆

Johnbull 'Leightons NEP denim overalls"

John BullClassic rompersOf the new(^^)/
Indigo DenimWork ofTo finish, not volumeClutter-freeAnd you can wear!

OverallsThe young and John Bull is often unhygienic and streamlined chairs with a slender silhouetteDetermined adult cuteFinish(*'Inspection')

Using the Leightons denim cotton material is verySoft comfortAnd do not feel weight when worn!

Decorated with distressedExquisite colorthePortrait the breastplateThe vintage ambianceRetro buttonsThe narrow shoulder strapsLength adjustableWe become(‘ω’)Bruno

Roll up the hem is too cute,CasualA dress and a cuteFeminineA dress, it'sExtensive styling.I can(^ ^ ♪


This perfect for the summerPet white solo(*'Inspection')

Published in the magazineAnd,Just a casual overallsWas introduced as(‘ω’)Bruno

SomewhatLoose silhouettesThe line of the leg comes out cleanly dropped slightly below the waist3D fitting type(^_-)-☆

A bit thick in texture,Stretch denimAlso elastic, and useComfort is very goodIt is(^ ^ ♪

Large chest pocketVintage tasteAccented(^^)/
In the Suspender-style strapAlso available regardless of height, body fit!!!

Drama "My mobo can't get married, I'm not"NowPet white soloToWhite ParkerAnd wearing a suit, so cute(*'Inspection')

In addition toMarine styleAnd,CasualA dress, it'sExtensive styling.I can(^ O ^)/

OverallsThe fashionClassic casual styleIt is(*´▽`*)

This spring and summer,Seasonal overallsAndCoordinationWhy not enjoy?(^_-)-☆

Women favor yerse new stock!


Tomakomai DESIGN (^^)/

Today it is ladies!

Spain designed urban spice mix as good as relaxed and chic fashion brand
Yerse(Vase)The spring/summer collection is in stock now!

Classy one piece soft have flared, and simple design
Great with jeans or a skirt with high-impact border jacket(^ ^ ♪

And atmosphere-packed spring Cardigan, clad in smooth and silky fabric feels so good
Have duplicated the one piece and very gracefully, like spring determined.

Paisley pattern with a simple logo t-shirt very cute ☆ ★
Sleeves are French, so spring and summer cool about giving the impression.

Hat is very important for spring and summer, definitely will be up always coordinated very vase design!

Items are simple, yet nonchalant fashion, you can use it habitually.

Is 悩nnja the only item which can be used in.(*´▽`*)

Come and try is new look of the vase?(‘ω’)Bruno

Await your visit, ♪ ♪

Leather Festival held in!!

In the new DESIGN 題shimashi leather Festival,

It is in the exhibition and sale of leather!!

"Harlemrounge harem lounge" from domestic brands attracted about 20 types of leather!ヽ(´▽`)/

Get rid of difficulty but casual and basic, interspersed with different tastes, such as rock, ethnic,

Contemporary street style with domestic popular brand!

Especially popular leather brand, so is not to be missed!

Our reservation staff sincerely are looking forward!

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